Min Age


Max Group Size

2 per boat


4 Hours Half Day, 8 Hours Full Day


$425 Half Day 1-2 Anglers, $499 Full Day 1-2 Anglers


River float trips with the Adirondack Anglers Outpost are an amazing, fun-filled way to enjoy a summer day in the Adirondacks.

The Adirondack Anglers Outpost offers classic river float trips for bass and pike on a number of amazing rivers. Our skilled guides use oar rigged rafts to maneuver you into those hard-to-cast places, then spend the day sharing their expertise, teaching you casting techniques, and pointing out the best places to cast.

Even during the summer, when most area streams are too low and warm to be fished, our area waters are teeming with excellent warm water fishing for bass and pike. From jaw dropping scenery to the exhilaration of a fish bending the rod, this trip is a popular choice for an enriching summer experience.

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